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Members of HYPE (Hartman Young Professionals for Europe) are young Dutch civil servants working in jobs linked to the European Union, varying from local municipalities, provinces, universities, libraries to different branches of the Dutch national government.

HYPE Young Professionals

Main goal of HYPE is to provide a network connecting young civil servants working in relation to Europe to share knowledge and experiences. By many people the European Union is perceived as a ’black box’. By sharing knowledge and experiences HYPE tries to unravel the substance of ‘the European Union’. Furthermore, attention is paid to the personal development of the participants of HYPE in this two-year program. If you want to learn more, please e-mail the board via or follow HYPE Twitter .

Hartman Foundation

Hartman Young European Professionals is made possible by the Dutch Hartman Foundation. The foundation dates back to 1934 and is named after a local civil servant at the municipality of Goes, the Netherlands. HYPE is specialized branch of the Hartman Foundation, focusing specifically on the relation between (local) government and the European Union.